A super-heroine published by DC Comics.

Zatanna Zatara is the daugter of John Zatara and Sindella. Seemingly, an evolutionary offshoot of humanity called homo magi had arisen in humanity's past. The homo magi were sensitive to magical forces. A group of them had a hidden settlement in Turkey and Sindella, the mother of Zatanna, was one of the homo magi. She faked her death leaving John Zatara, a stage magician turned crime fighter, to raise their daughter. During one of his adventures, Zatara and his daughter were cursed by his enemy Allura that if the father and daughter should ever see each other again, that they would both die. For this reason, Zatanna was raised by others.

Zatanna had mystical powers, being able to cast spells by speaking the words of her spell backwards. Zatanna eventually became an accomplished stage magician and joined the ranks of the Justice League of America. She rescued her father from the clutches of Allura, breaking the curse and also discovered her homo magi lineage.

Zatanna currently lives in San Francisco, where she occassionally helps those in need of her abilities.

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