A hero/villain published by DC Comics. Sargon the Sorcerer first appeared in All-American Comics #26 in 1941.

In ages past, Nommo, an immortal being, created a powerful artifact known as the Ruby of Life. One of its fragments came into the possession of Richard Sargent during an archeological dig. The Ruby was given by Sargent to his wife, who began to wear it around her neck on a pendant. After the birth of their first child, John, the Ruby and the baby were forever linked when the baby touched the Ruby as its first conscious act.

Years later, John Sargent accompanied his father on a dig and discovered that the Ruby that his mother had given him was in fact part of the Ruby of Life. When Sargent touched an inanimate object while in possession of the Ruby and spoke a magic incantation, Sargent gained the ability to control that object. Realizing the great potential of this power, Sargent set out to use the power of the Ruby for good, but feared that people would distrust and fear him if he demonstrated such great power. To hide the use of his powers, Sargent adopted the identity of a stage magician, calling himself Sargon the Sorcerer, and wearing the Ruby of Life on the turbin that he adopted. Thus disguised, Sargon began to use his powers to help others and battle evil.

Over the years, Sargon began to search out other fragments of the Ruby of Life with tragic results. The mystic powers of these fragments had become tainted with the evil of those who had wielded them before Sargon and soon Sargon began to perpetrate crimes, clashing with heroes like the original Flash and others. Sargon was able to overcome the evil influences for a time, but would sometimes revert. During some of his more heroic times, Sargon the Sorcerer joined the Justice League of America and the All-Star Squadron.

Sargon joined other mystic heroes in helping John Constantine to battle dark forces that threatened Heaven itself. During the ensuing battle, Sargon the Sorcerer was killed when he spontaneously combusted during a seance.

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