He sits there -- 
   A burning light over his shoulder
They are (there) with him as well; 
      Together (with him),
 Fantasy is brought to reality
   Shadows in the night take form.
No words are spoken between
  Yet they know what he wants
  So they help him
      -- unconditionally.
Every move, they mimick
Every emotion they display
  Until finally  -- 
     Climax is reached.
Those who watch now smile
  At the picture beneath. 

10.13.94/cmb: Dedicated to Barrett Allen Ward, who is still a precious work of art.

NB: this was written for Everything Quest: the PC Bible


1:1 In the beginning, Being came into existence. 1:2 We cannot say where Being came into existence, because without Being there is no space. 1:3 We cannot say when Being came into existence, because without Being there is no time. 1:4 With Being, came time and space, and only then could events happen. 1:5 There was very little space and time in the beginning, so there was no room for things as know them to exist, and events happened very quickly. 1:6 At first, things were so close together that the primordial matter and energy were formless. 1:7 Very quickly, however, matter and energy took form. 1:8 Energy took the form of Electromagnetic Radiation, the Weak Nuclear Force, the Strong Nuclear Force, and Gravity. 1:9 Matter took form as fundamental particles: bosons, hadrons and leptons.


2:1 As soon as there was room enough, and time enough, the fundamental particles arranged themselves into elements: hydrogen and helium. 2:2 hydrogen and helium gathered, fused and gave off energy, and thus became stars. 2:3 Inside the stars, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen and all the other elements were formed. 2:4 After the elements were formed, they were thrown out of the stars. 2:5 Where the elements collected together outside the stars, they became planets, including the Earth.

Hod (Splendor, Emergence)

3:1 The elements combined to form compounds such as water and and organic molecules. 3:2 Organic molecules were constantly changing and reforming, but conditions on Earth favored some kinds of molecules over others. 3:3 The organic compounds needed for metabolism thus emerged. 3:4 When gathered in a particular structure, a protein could reproduce itself with a persistent identity, despite the motion and change and destruction around it. 3:5 The protein was now no longer merely a constantly changing organic material but a living thing. 3:6 Life thus emerged. 3:7 Life had the properties of continuity and identity, despite change, through the cooperation of the structures of constituent materials of the first living things.

Netzach (Victory)

4:1 Now there were living materials, which abided through time and despite change, and there was life. 4:2 Some of the first living things randomly formed new structures. 4:3 A randomly formed structure is called a mutation. 4:4 Some mutations gave living things a better chance to survive and reproduce and increase and multiply. 4:5 When mutation results in an enhanced capability of some living things to increase and multiply, while others suffered stagnation and dwindle, this is called natural selection. 4.6 For the first living things, natural selection was good, and the first good thing was a favorable mutation.

Tephireth (Beauty)

5:1 Through natural selection, structures emerged which allowed living things to help each other live and increase and multiply. 5:2 Though the living materials remained separate and different, through the cooperation of their new structures they could form a cell, a community of living materials performing different functions. 5:3 One material surrounded and protected the cell, another thing ate the nonliving materials and produced energy, another absorbed energy and combined materials, another thing gathered together materials for replication. 5:4 While the living materials remained different, they now had an affinity for one another, which allowed to live together as a community, called an organism. 5:6 Life for a community was more abundant, and things in a community could live, increase and multiply better than living material with no affinity for one another.

Geburah (Strength)

6:1 The affinity of different living materials allowed them to form a organism, but since the conditions of living on Earth are not identical everywhere, different organisms thrived in different ways. 6:2 Some organisms were became very complex while others remained single-cell organisms: the Protista. 6:3 Some absorbed electromagnetic radiation and created nutrients through a process called photosynthesis: the Plants. 6:4 Some organisms developed to absorb nutrients from the Plants: the Fungi. 6:5 Other organisms developed the ability to move around and seek nutrients and gather them into themselves: the Animals. 6:6 Now there was diversity: many kinds of good, each appropriate to the manner or niche in which an organism lived and thrived.

Chesed (Mercy)

7:1 Out of diversity, organisms emerged which could engage one another in interdependent systems such as predation, parasitism and symbiosis. 7:3 Fungi and Animals depended on Plants for food; Plants depended on the Fungi for decomposition of dead Plants; and the other organisms depended on Animals for mobility. 7.4 With diversity, living things were able to spread all over the Earth, and when changes in environmental conditions led to Death for some, Life continued.

Binah (Understanding)

8:1 Animals living in this diversity evolved sensation to seek out food and shelter and avoid being eaten by other animals. 8:2 Sensations could remembered and associated and thus formed into models used to predict the result of an action. 8:3 Thus the animal had gained perception, and through perception could participate not only in the presence of Being, but also the past and future of Being.

Chokmah (Wisdom)

9:1 Perception could be communicated to other animals, like a bee communicates the location of nectar by dancing, and thus animals gained language. 9:2 Through perception and language the presence of Being reaches out to Being's past and future, and an individual animal reaches out to other individuals, with intentions and purposes, all for the greater Good.

Kether (Crown)

10:1 Now in the fullness of time, human beings emerged. 10:2 Like some other animals, human beings worked together and used language to share their perceptions, but unlike the other animals, human beings were not content with things as they were. 10:3. Human beings found ways to change their relationship to the world, to use clothing and shelter and tools to make up for the defects of their bodies and expand beyond their original niche. 10:4 To be sure, other animals had done these things before: birds and bees built shelters, and hermit crabs appropriated armor, and so forth. 10:5 Human beings, however, tried new things, and compounded one discovery on top of another to create technology. 10:6 With this new-found creativity, a myriad of new possible ways of living opened up for human beings. 10:7 Along with blessings of creativity, however, came its curse: while human beings could more readily seek out what was good for themselves, they could also more readily find what was bad: death, disintegration, stagnation, poverty, and extinction.

NB: this was written long before Everything Quest: the PC Bible, but the noding of it was inspired by the Quest. If it is acceptable I do not know. I only know that it is Truth, for it was delivered to me by a Man in Grey Jeans...

Book I: Of What Is...

- For all is tied together, and all is One, and One is The Nameless One, and One is forever at Conflict with Itself.

The Essence of All and Nothing

The Nameless One is, has always been, and will always be. The Nameless One is All and Nothing, The Nameless One is Never and Forever. The Nameless One has no form, and yet is everywhere. The Nameless One is not Our Friend, and does not wish us well.

Where The Nameless One belongs, there is no Matter, no Time. The Nameless One is infinite Ruler of non-existence. The Nameless One dominates the Empty and the Silent. The Nameless One was never Born and will never Die, for The Nameless One is beyond Time and Matter. Without Matter, The Nameless One has no form. Without Time, The Nameless One has no Beginning or End.

The Nameless One is All and Nothing. The Nameless One is Never and Forever. The Nameless One defies all Human Understanding and Reason, and stretches beyond even Faith, Fear, and Hope. Without form or age, The Nameless One is to a Human mind nothing but Unlimited Power and The One Desire.

From Destruction Born!

The Nameless One has always and will always dominate Nothingness. But The One Desire of The Nameless One is to expand that Dominance. For this purpose, The Nameless One has worlds born and destroyed, forever seeking to fulfill The One Desire. At The End of a world, it is reborn, a new approach on its existence. As it ends, Time relinquishes its grip on it, and The Nameless One lets The End become The Beginning, every world forever being made of itself. There was created no True Beginning; in the absence of Time, Beginning and End become meaningless phrases, nothing more than a testimony to the limited minds of Humans. Nothing Ends but our perception of it; nothing begins but our awareness of it.

Many are the worlds of The Nameless One, for with no restrictions in Time or Matter, all is in The Nameless One's power. Each world is its own, of its own Laws or none, its own existence, and its own circumstances. To those who understand this, such a world is known as a 'Taham', and together, all worlds are the 'Mouham'. United, the Mouham, Time and Matter are The Nameless One. The Nameless One is All and Nothing. The Nameless One is Never and Forever.

And so too was our Taham born of its own Destruction. The point of its Destruction is not for Human Knowledge, but The Society of Seekers of Sacred Secrets know its birth: August 2, 1712.

The Failed Creation

Every Taham is born a horrid Chaos. Ours is no exception. The Nameless One ensures this, to pave the way for Things Beyond Control. Only when such things exist, can The Nameless One apply Dominance. Once all is Dominated, all is destroyed, for at that point, The One Desire has been fulfilled, and the Taham is no longer needed. It is destroyed and reborn for The Nameless One to Dominate again, in an Endless cycle, that has no Beginning and no End, because Time seizes to matter at the Destruction of the Taham.

In the Chaos of our newborn Taham, The Nameless One refused control, refused possession, of anything created. There was little then, only a darkened, writhing mass of Time and Matter trying to know its own birth. There were no Humans, no trees, no sky. Only Time and Matter existed, together forming the ability of Change, which gave birth to The Divine, and The Divine gave Change purpose.

But The Divine was aware of itself and its circumstance. In its very Nature, it was determined to alter it, to apply the Change which had created The Divine. And imbued with all Power of the Taham, The Divine did just that. The Divine made the world around it a place of coherence and meaning, at first monotonous and stale. But The Divine saw possibilities, and to handle these possibilities, The Divine ultimately changed itself, becoming the Deiham.

The Deiham were all the ultimate incarnations of The Divine, the ultimate incarnations of Change. All Powerful, the Deiham knew they were able to define the world to their best liking. Being One and yet Many, all of them an expression of the Ultimate Change, all of them an expression of The Divine, the Deiham knew to expand their domain, and make more of the world, the Taham in which they roamed. They created Life, and in it nestled Spirit, the ultimate Agent of Change, and they divided it amongst themselves. And to make Life strong, they gave it Past, a memory of its development. Thus a multitude of Histories were born, many Deiham or Congregations of Deiham creating their own pasts for their Life. As they had used their Power of Matter to create Life, they used their Power of Time to make each Past a True Past, its events real and of consequence, so that Life would know from where it came, and for what purpose it existed. And each of those Deiham became the True Creator of the World, for each Deiham had created the Past, and all Pasts were True, their contents the True Creations of the Deiham that created each of them. To this day, many Deiham are called Gods, and they truly are, for their Power is infinite, and lives are owed to their Will. They are the Source and Purpose of all Spirit, they are The Divine.

The Shape of Life

The Deiham had made Life, had shaped Matter and designed Time. But their greatest deeds were yet to come.

With Past created, the Deiham set out to form Future. As they had ensured that Life played a role in Past, they would ensure that it played a role in Future. With each being having a sense of its Past locked in Memory, each being created its own sense of its Future in Imagination. And Life had Powers, gained from the Memory of Past, and Life had reached into Matter, and its Powers focused on it. Given Time, Life would have the Power of taking bodies of Matter from the smallest specks to form the greatest of Creatures. When it felt all was done, Life would relinquish Matter and return to Spirit. Some Life would take to shape new Matter into new bodies, while some would stay as Spirit. And some Life preferred Spirit entirely, taking only a bystander's interest in Matter.

And in the creation of Past, many Deiham had found chosen templates of Life to be particularly interesting. One such template was the Human form, which was imitated by many Deiham, some with variations of their own. For all the many other forms of Life that were imitated between Deiham, Humans were a Creation all unto its own.

And through Human runs Life, and Life binds Human together, Life takes from The Divine and from Spirit, and Life takes from Matter and makes Body, in which Life makes Mind, and Mind is bound again to Spirit. Thus, the Great Chain of Life exists, reaching from The Divine through Spirit, Mind, Body and into Matter. Thus through the Great Chain of Life, The Divine touches Matter, and through all the steps, Human sees itself, as Human by the way of Spirit, Mind and Body forms the link between The Divine and Matter. And through the Passages of Time, Human becomes the Agent of Change, letting The Divine affect Matter.

The Betrayal of Life

In its independence, Life clearly inherited the Control of its Taham. This allowed The Nameless One a target for The One Desire. Thus with Life created and holding both the Memory of a Past and the Vision of the Future, The Nameless One had something to Dominate, Ending the circle of purpose with the Taham.

But Life betrayed The Nameless One, and did not succumb to Domination. Guided by the Deiham, Spirits without Body infused select forms of Life with a resistance to Domination, and fought back The Nameless One. All the Power of The Nameless One could not undo this, because The Nameless One had created the Taham with the specific dictate that it was not to be under the unlimited control of The Nameless One, lest there be nothing to Dominate!

In the quest to fulfill The One Desire, The Nameless One had relinquished control to the Creation, and the Creation did not want to give it back. Given Pasts and Futures, and serving under the protection of The Divine, as well as its own existence, Life rebelled.

To this day, Life is free. And to this day, The One Desire continues to drive The Nameless One to fight Life and its Independence. When The Nameless One wins, Life will seize to control this Taham, and The Nameless One will have Life destroyed and then destroy the Taham, thus destroying Time and Matter. It is the Purpose of The One Desire to be victorious, and in Victory, remove the Battleground from Existence. In the absence of Time, The End becomes The Beginning, and the Conflict becomes its own birth. So it is for our Taham, and so it is for all.

To follow: The Society of Seekers of Sacred Secrets


God created all things
And they were good
And dull
She sighed
Longing for passion
And joy and ecstasy

Her most beloved Angel
saw her sorrow
Now what?
Lucifer spoke to the other Angels
Thought carefully
And gave God her gift
Hell was born

Without darkness
There can be no light
Without pain
There can be no healing
Without suffering
There can be no joy
Without death
There can be no life
Without hell
There can be no heaven

Blessings on Lucifer
Most generous of all the

Cre*a"tion (kr?-A"sh?n), n. [L. creatio: cf. F. cration. See Create.]


The act of creating or causing to exist. Specifically, the act of bringing the universe or this world into existence.

From the creation to the general doom. Shak.

As when a new particle of matter dotn begin to exist, in rerum natura, which had before no being; and this we call creation. Locke.


That which is created; that which is produced or caused to exist, as the world or some original work of art or of the imagination; nature.

We know that the whole creation groaneth. Rom. viii. 22.

A dagger of the mind, a false creation. Shak.

Choice pictures and creations of curious art. Beaconsfield.


The act of constituting or investing with a new character; appointment; formation.

An Irish peer of recent creation. Landor.


© Webster 1913.

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