A Latin misnomer for humans; it translates to "wise man".

Evolutionary Timeline:

  • Hominid

    (4-9 Million Years, early as 1.5 Million) Very beginning of the evolutionary trail for Homo Sapiens. Not quite human, not quite primate.

    Eating Habits: Omnivore

    Mobility: Species evolved to walk upright, bipedal.

    Development: Thought to be the African Rift Valley.

  • Australopithecus: Upright walk. Leaves arms for defending and tasking. More efficient. Considered missing link, as of now.
  • Homo habilis: Larger brain case than Australopithecus. Smaller face allowed this. Higher brow. More human looking. Began the Stone Age. Used tools of stone and bone. Caveman, in other words...
  • Homo erectus: Even bigger brain case. By one million years ago, this species covered Europe. Found: Balanced Axes, Huts. Skilled toolmakers.
  • Homo sapiens: Known as the Neanderthal. Last step before the modern Homo Sapien Sapien. This species was a toolmaker. While capable of language, they were not capable of Higher Social Interaction or comprehension. About the time this species was dying off, Homo sapien sapien had migrated to Europe from Africa. Archeological evidence supports the theory that these two very different looking and acting species probably encountered one another.

    The very instinctual Homo sapiens hunting an open plain. Ambling along in heavy furs, and clumsy spears. A 5 foot 5 inch powerhouse. A much taller Modern Homo sapiens stands resting with balanced throwing spear lying across his shoulders. Intelligent, and caluclating. With a complex language, advanced tools, and jewelry that the shorter species couldn't comprehend. The Sapiens tops a hill to see this tall and alien looking creature standing there. With a high brow, and bodily adornments. The Sapien is confused. The Modern Sapien spears a fish, examines it, and throws it away, unsatisfied with it's catch. He walks away, flashing a glimpse of form fitting, practical clothing, and an expertly crafted spear that used new forms of creation and balancing. Speaking in clicks, and words, and whistles.

    The Homo sapiens died out soon after the Modern Sapien spread into Europe. It's a looming, confusing, almost frightening vision of a real past.

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