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A.K.A. Henrik S. Larsen

From Denmark, looks large unshaven and brutish, loves movies, long walks and things that make funny noises when poked repeatedly. Highly enjoys things that make absolutely no sense to normal people, apparently. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME (Yes, I know this is a user bio, but... oh stop whining!).


On E2:
  • Currently revising project structure (read: I have too litle time and must prioritize...)
  • Expanding the archetyping wu
  • 'How to learn languages fast'
  • 'How to learn sciences fast'
  • 'How to learn social sciences fast'
  • 'Political science' (big, textbook-style)*
  • 'Economics' (ditto, very early stages)*
  • 'Sociology' (ditto, very early stages)*
  • 'Computer architecture' (ditto, complementing ikeleib's wu, early stages)*
  • 'Biology' (ditto, VERY early stages, only a 'maybe')*
*) These are going to be put under the E2 FreeBook Project.

Off E2:
  • Erecting academy using SILT methodology
  • Writing book ("Brian from Aabenraa - Helper of the Gods", humorous)
  • World Domination
Really Weird Ones:
  • SteppingStone Space Program Earth
  • SteppingStone Space Program Mars
  • Finding 'The Right Woman'
More to come as my brain sorts them out.