The image above shows Kalmar castle in Sweden, site of the 1397 summit meeting that led
to the formation of the Kalmar Union, the historic first union of the central Nordic states.

Everything2's Nordic usergroup: e2nordic.

The e2nordic usergroup is a discussion group for Nordic noders, or noders with an interest in the Nordic countries (i.e. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and smaller dependencies like the Faeroe Islands and the Åland Islands). The group also welcomes discussion about related or neighbouring nations (such as the Baltic states and Germany).

We prefer to keep discussion restricted to either the common denominator Nordic languages of Danish / Swedish / Norwegian, or E2's default language, English. There are presently no Finnish or Icelandic usergroups, however, and we are quite tolerant of discussion in those languages, as well. In fact, being Nordic, we're tolerant of anyone who promises to buy us a beer at the next nodermeet.

There are no topic restrictions - if you want to talk about your latest hangover, or the miserable state of your love life, we'll gladly listen, with appropriate expressions of sympathy or ridicule to follow.

If you have an interest in the Nordic countries, and would like to join us, please contact the usergroup's founder and administrator, liveforever.

Venerable members of this group:

liveforever, skongshoj, Carthag, andersa, SharQ, Sverre, MCX, ascorbic@, Teo-lohi, Kit, andman, Bakeroo, Dimview, Skallagrimson, bipolarbear, soren015
This group of 16 members is led by liveforever