(Originally in French)

ferrous: shell shard
round: head
to slide into white: to faint
to squeeze the stems: to take by the limbs
it's getting dry: things are turning out badly
I'm too far to express myself: I'm too giddy to insult you back
when there was some air: when I came to
flutterers: birds
pipe: meter (I guess in the USA it would be a foot)
dung: soil, or ground
to play with smoke: to find oneself up in the air in an unstable position
deaf: difficult
glide down the shootings: slide along tree branches
to be on the black payroll: to be the leaves which create shade
wind: impossible
knocker: heart
suitcase: chest
the last line of my chapter: my last moments to live
to bite myself: to deceive myself
chatter: mouth
occ: forehead
cornute: nose
perker: stomach
bowl: movement
flasht: cat
tuss: crush
it was not love: it was not pleasant
leed: leave rapidly
blow: idea
balooka: fool
to make flowers: to excrete
tulip: excrement
piston: anus
rattle: minute
play the sap: flee
to be in the floating woods: to be drunk
geezer: god
pouch: stomach
set: day
to have air stems: to tremble on one's legs
sack: eat
melt: fall, or cave in
balance: sleep
come back to air: wake up
strawberries: large drops of rain
discharge: downpour
slap: word
burner: sun
salty: noon
radish: sexual organ
pape: friend, comrade
blast: dance
socket: imagine
bloomer: woman
gall: become
straw: hour
hat: sky
therm: warmth
to therm: to heat
portfolio: pond covered with lily pads
buckles: feathers
gilded fatty: general
in complete misery: in formal uniform
dish: hand
accomodate: insult
point: peck with a beak
tube: neck
change gleams: leave a place
cruss: walk
shoot-grove: forest or woods
moist: river
paws: years
fire: dead
grout: leave
would-you: eye
shootlet: branch
therm country: the south
clack: immobile
divvy: exclamation expressing agitation
deaf to grip: hard to understand
touted: bored, anxious
descent: bearing
rebs: policeman
to entramp: to stop
shift: undress
russet: look
gogs: people
pules: horses
shell: house
large: window
to be ponnered: to be undecided
cutlet: me
bat one's lashes: urinate
cuffle: have fun
crack: fuck
scratch the salt: take the train without a ticket

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