It all started yesterday. I asked for an iced coffee without ice at Dunkin' Donuts. You see, you add your own ice to the coffee, and you get three times as much joe. But even if you don't understand why... it's not an unreasonable request. But no... the cashier looks at me as though I had three heads. Hmmm, that's odd.

Later that day, some co-workers start quoting lines from Dumb And Dumber. So I start shouting "You can't triple-stamp a double-stamp! Lloyd! You can't triple-stamp a double-stamp!" Again, I get that same look. Curious.

Then, today, I'm doing a installation demo for our field techs, and I start using some technical terms that apparently they didn't understand. But instead of asking questions, they all start looking at each other quizzically, and then they all give me that three-heads look!

There's no other possible explanation - I must have three heads. I'll be damned if I can find them, though. I mean, I know where one of them is. It's on top of my shoulders (most of the time). And I suppose I can guess where that second "head" might be. I mean, it's not the technical term for it, but sure, that could be the second one. But where's the third?

Perhaps it's up my ass. I hear that about a lot of people, but when I stripped in the bathroom to check if it was up there, I just got that same look again. Maybe I'll never find out where that third head is. I'd sure like to know, though.

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