What AA Milne would call "A Very Weird Day".

Ok, so on March 5, I woke up with that earthquake dream. It was so real that I reported it to the earthquake sites and also emailed the local weekly paper. Level III earthquake, I got up at 2:12 am, about 90 seconds.

I haunted the earthquake sites the next day. No earthquake here at that time. One in Poulsbo, but 6:37 am and a 0.6. The earthquake sites are way cool.

Wednesday is my business day, when I don't see patients. I try to get medicare to pay me, ha, ha. And run around. The running started with a phone call and then Rotary. Ok. I ran into a local doctor, we talked about the opiate issue and he said that I'm "the best right brained doctor" he's ever met. I think I stared at him like he had three heads.

More phone calls. I had a little time before the telemedicine with UW so I was driving downtown. I had the urge to stop at the garden store. The 15 year old cat greeted me and then followed me around. I got a basket for a root bound orchid, purple heather, and three herb plants: oregano, parsley and dill. I drove home and cut the plastic pot off the orchid and put it in the basket. I swear it breathed a sigh of relief. Then I stuck the other four plants in the half barrels in front of my house. I don't have much time to garden. That will have to do for this week.

I have four barrels. I checked another one that has oregono and thyme and a miniature rose, and there was a feather. A downy white feather, about two inches long. It looks like a fledglings, or an undercoat. I think at this time of year that would be a raptor or an eagle. I carefully tucked it into the edge of the half barrel.

Back to the earthquake. Remember that I woke up with the cats on chakras 1 and 2? After haunting the internet sites all Monday by evening I realized that my period had started. That wouldn't be surprising, except that it shut down about 6 months ago. Chakras 1 and 2 are the root chakra and the sacral chakra. Having to do with fight-or-flight (the former) and lust, er, sex, er, passion (the latter). I thought, well, maybe the earthquake dream was about that. My menses shut down for a whole year during my divorce. Seems to have been a similar reason this time.

The UW telemedicine conference was fascinating as usual. Chronic pain and I was one of two rural docs presenting a patient. Case 26 for me. Ended at 1:30.

I was driving to get my daughter for the parent teacher conference at two and a cop stopped me. Dang. I was going too fast.

"Mrs. Lizard, do you know that your tags expired 8 months ago?"

"No," I said with a look of despair. "I got the other car done."

"Why haven't you done it?"

I talked about grundoon.

"How long ago did that start?"

"She's had cancer for seven years."

"You need someone to help you."

I looked at him like he was insane. "I'm a single mom."

He took my license and returned. "I won't ticket you the $286.00 if you get it updated today. At the courthouse."

"What time does it close? I have a parent teacher conference at 2:00."

"4:00." He could see I was struggling. "Look, you can do it on line."

I finally smiled. "Oh, yes! I know how to do it on line."

"By tomorrow." He said. Back to the police car, shaking his head.

I drove home and collected my daughter, switched to the Thunderbird which has up-to-date butt stickers and went to the conference. Nearly in tears at the thought of "someone to help me". Right. In my dreams.

Ms. IT's highest score was 120% on a math assignment. "We were only supposed to do the circled ones. But I did them all because I was not really paying attention." I tried to recruit the new orchestra teacher to my Rotary group. Maybe in the summer.

Ok, home with the IT. Now to the accountant. Got the time wrong, 3:30, not three. So I went downtown to the tea shop to see if I could get the tea with rose petals that is only out in February. No, only if we special order. I picked up green dragon tea, since grundoon is the year of the dragon. And I talked about my dream.

"It was so vivid! I was sure it was real."

The tea shop owner did not meet my eyes. "Other people in town are having earthquake premonitions."

"What?" Goosebumps. All my little hairs stood up on arms and legs. "Really? I'm an allopath, I'm not supposed to believe in that stuff!"

She still wouldn't look at me. "You aren't the only one."

"Oh, my gosh. I'd better restock my water supply."

"Me too." she said. Another customer asked for my card. Gosh, I emailed a report to the earthquake "did you feel it?" site and to the local paper.... oh, dear. No way.

And on the way back to the car, there is another feather. Same kind. Ok. I put it in my car.

On to the accountant. Discussion about money. Very concrete. He has not had any earthquake dreams.

On to the store. I bought food for the ET to make sushi, 8 gallons of water, dried lentils, beans, fruit and nuts. The ET and I discussed earthquakes and tsunamis and put emergency things in a dry bag and discussed where to put it. Contingency plans made.

Her sushi was very good and a friend came to dinner. He said earthquakes here have been every 10 years, with the last one in 2001. So, eleven years ago.

I figure that all of the really left brained people quit reading this when they got to the chakra/menses part. We're not going to have an earthquake, are we? If so, I hope my dream is accurate: a III would be a lot less harmful than, say, a V. And anyhow, there will eventually be an earthquake here, so this feather dream chakra stuff, no way.

I am told that the adult bald eagles and other raptors are shedding now, right before mating season. Downy undercoat.
Probably from a seagull, right?

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