This morning I had an earthquake dream again. But this time it was a benediction dream: good job with the earthquake preparedness. Which reminds me, I need to go add one of the four camping stoves to the odd assortment of disaster supplies which are currently in our kitchen (sleeping bags and a dry bag with a water filter, clothes and stuff) and in the trunk of the Thunderbird. Yes, a 1995 Thunderbird. My dad decided to give me a car for the first time when I was in my forties. I had been thinking about looking for a car. Yesterday one of my out of town patients said, "Everyone here drives a Subaru." Of course, a Subaru station wagon was what I had been thinking of, but I stopped looking when the Thunderbird showed up.

I was putting gas in it a few weeks ago when a friend popped out from behind the car. "Cool." he said, "The police used these babies for years! Lots of power. Good choice."

"Thanks," I said, wondering if he would approve of my dad giving it to me.

This morning's earthquake dream got me up at 1:55 am. The introverted thinker and I had a long conversation about earthquakes and tsunamis two days ago. Her school is down in the lowest part of town. "Mom, in the earthquake drills they walk us to the FAIRGROUNDS."

"That's no good." The fairgrounds are also at the lowest point, near North Beach. "Ok, so if there is a real earthquake you don't know where the epicenter is. So you don't know if there is a tsunami. Run uphill to the top."

"I'll get in trouble."

"That's ok."

"How do I get them to follow?"

"You can't mess with changing anyone's mind. When you get outside, shout "run uphill" and go. You can't save everyone. Go to the top."

"What if the wave is that high?"

"Find a big tree and hold on. If it's that high, there is nothing you can do."

"I get under the desk in the earthquake drills, but in a real one I would crouch down beside it."

"Good. No doorways."

"I know, mom."

We decided what out of state person to call if we're separated.

And in other news, I think I saw my first case of pertussis yesterday. We are having an outbreak of whooping cough. I got my booster last Wednesday. That confers 85% protection. I called the Health Department and I am convinced enough that I started this person on the antibiotics. I put a mask on her and me and then closed off that exam room for the rest of the day. One to three week incubation period. This would not be good for my next trip down to grundoon. I will have the report back Monday.

Get your Tdap booster. It is a one time one for adults, available since 2006 or 7. Pertussis causes paroxysmal coughing, often until people throw up. It can kill babies under 6 months old and frail people and the immunosuppressed and my 90 year olds and is bad in pregnant women. California had an outbreak last year, now it's Washington's turn. Sigh. We have the second highest unimmunized rate in the state and it showed up in a day care. Tetnus and Diptheria are worse, though. Yuk.

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