I particularly like eggs. I absolutely cannot understand how someone can be a vegan, and eggs are one of my biggest reasons.

They are so flexible. Eggs can be eaten in almost every form except rotten. They can be fried, baked (I think), microwaved, poached (whatever the hell that means), boiled, combobulated, and even eaten raw. Eggs are the most flexible of all foods.

Sure, they may be bad if you're watching cholesterol, but damn they'd be the magical fruit if there was one.

Eggs are lovely.

The Egg, (Ei, in german), is half the source for all animal life. See sperm.

The most famous type of egg is the ever popular chicken egg, from whence come chickens and omlets. Other bird eggs have been domesticated by humankind, including duck and partridge.

When speaking of bird eggs, we have special terms; egg white is called albumen. Egg yolk is vitellus.

The ostrich egg is currently the biggest egg.

"An egg boiled very soft is not unwholesome".
--Jane Austen

"I'm afraid you've gotten a bad egg there, Mr. Jones".
"Oh no, my lord, I assure you, parts of it are excellent!"

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"Remorse, the fatal egg by pleasure laid".
--William Cowper

Chiken eggs have 163 calories per 100 gm. (100 gm = 2 eggs worth).

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A boiled egg in the morning is hard to beat.

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