For tough literary types like E2 frequenters, idioms have always added interesting and useful richness to writing. Here I have chosen to create a metanode listing idiom nodes on E2. Although some may seem more or less obvious, the meaning of others may have been lost along time, become arcane or merely linguistic.

If you happen across a hardlink leading to nowehere, its because the node has yet to be written.

Animal Idioms
To badger someone
To be a bull in a china shop
Dark horse
To bark up the wrong tree
To buy a pig in a poke
To cast pearls before swine
Cash cow
Cat got one's tongue
To cry wolf
Dumb bunny
Eager beaver
To get someone's goat
To go ape
To go whole hog
Holy cow
Horse of a different colour
To look a gift horse in the mouth
To look like the cat that swallowed the canary
Monkey business
Road hog
To take the bull by the horns
Wolf in sheep's clothing

Food Idioms
To Be the apple of one's eye
Bad egg
Big cheese
Bring home the bacon
Stick and carrot
Chew the fat
Coffee break
Cool as a cucumber
Cream of the crop
To cry over spilt milk
To cut the mustard
To have your cake and eat it
Hard nut to crack
in a nutshell
To spill the beans

Medical Idioms/ Body-related Idioms
To be at death's door
To black out
To break out
Clean bill of health
To go under the knife
head shrinker
To look the picture of health
splitting headache
under the weather
To pay through the nose
To give an arm and a leg for something

Idioms of E2 or general cyberspace provenance
To borg someone
To practice XP stoicism
To be a newbie
To be a troll

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