This actually reminds me of a geek couple that come into the store, whenever they pick up a bad movie they always say the quality of the movie is version 0.0.

Whenever they pick up a great movie they always say the movie is A+++++++++, to reference eBay. Usually they're renting anime or Terry Gilliam or classic comedies. And we always talk about box building and better-job-hunting struggles.

I do meet lots of people who have English at version 0.0 though. And it's no fun trying to communicate with them at all. Especially telling them their movies were late and they're bickering amongst their accompanying party language.

"Learn another language, holliman, you filthy american."

Uh, no. I'm too lazy and too busy at the same time right now. Besides, if I was to learn another language, I'd want it to be something that I know would be practical for the future, like French or Japanese. And I'm still burnt out from all the years of trying to learn Spanish and German.

Plus, my own English still needs a little work. It's at version 3.6 beta 2.

Damn right, this is a nodeshell rescue

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