This has been bothering me since I joined E2, so I'll just say it:
One doesn't rescue nodeshells; one destroys nodeshells.

It shouldn't be called nodeshell rescue, it should be called nodeshell destruction, because the nodeshell, by its metamorphosis into a node, is being destroyed. The nodeshell was once there, somebody fills it up, hence destroying it, and calls it a 'rescue'.

It is like calling making a hamburger from a cow "cow rescue".

perhaps the term "nodeshell rescue" itself needs redefinition. 

In my short experience here,  I've seen that much can be gained by using some of those great  dangling nodeshells as inspiration for a new node - or even as a cherry on top of a treasured piece.  I've come to the point where I very rarely create new nodes that were not first created as nodeshells by someone else.  

I have had plenty of ideas or even pre-written write-ups that would lose something completely if given a name such as:  "I can get very angry" as a new node - when a nodeshell exists called "i was raised on red pepper and blood i am so hot if you strike me i will light like a match" that fits so much better...  the nodeshell may actually have little direct reference to your write-up but often the sentiment sails across so much better.  A title such as that (created by a generous Noder, nonetheless) could make a good w/u even better.  

I agree that there are a lot of great nodeshells that have been totally ruined by an ill-thought or sarcastic write-up - and I can't say that I'm not totally innocent of ruining good ones.  I personally would rather a nodeshell fade into the void rather than see it demolished by a petty or unappreciative w/u...  perhaps I'm just reiterating what's been said before.  

Maybe the term should be "nodeshell worship", or "nodeshell connection", "nodeshell inspiration", or "nodeshell marriage".  

I personally prefer the term "Nodeshell Gathering" because I gather and hoard them greedily.  I anxiously wait to be able to use them - when I write something new I go to these first to see if my idea completes them somehow - or if they complete my write-up somehow. The best part of gathering these is that the ideas and phrases may one day be mine alone -   as many of the old ones are axed.  Then those phrases and sayings that I appreciated so much can be recreated as full nodes only to become mine;  and, in some cases, make me look amazingly creative and influential - as my new nodes become directly linked to an favorite writer's node...  I love that.  E2 is filled with creative people who have learned to mold and sway the nodegel with great talent- those nodeshells are like gentle blurs on a photograph or the chocolate left on the mixing spoon.

    Finally, I don't think that they need rescuing. They're like flowers in a meadow, some of them will flower and bloom, some will get picked, some will die back to be replaced by others.  Personally, for every nodeshell I fill, I'll create at least two more just to see what happens.  I've (arrogantly) filled my own nodeshells on occasion - but the true hope is to inspire someone else.  They're the children you want to grow up and marry someone who will make them happy- you just don't want to see them married to a bum- you just don't want to be the bum.

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