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For the comedy.

Were you go to the theatre yesterday?
Yes, sir; I won't to see the new play in which did owed to play and actress which has not appeared on any theatre.
How you think her?
She has very much grace in the deeds great deal of exactness on the declamation, a constitution very agreeable, and a delightful voice.
What you say of the comedy? Have her succeded? It was a drama; it was whistted to the third scene of the last act.
Because that?
It whant the vehicle, and the intrigue it was bad conducted.
So that they won't waited even the upshot?
No, it was divined. In the mean time them did diliver justice to the players which generaly have play very well.
At the exception by a one's self, who had land very much hir's part.
It want to have not any indulgence towards the bat buffoons.
Have you seen already the new tragedy? They praise her very much.
It is multitude already.
Never I had seen the parlour so full.
This actor he make very well her part.
That piece is full of interest.
It have wondered the spectadors.
The curtains let down.
Go out us.

The hunting.

There is it some game in this wood?
Another time there was plenty some black beasts and thin game, but the poachers have killed almost all.
Look a hare who run! let do him to pursue for the hounds! it go one's Here that it rouse. Let aim it! let make fire him!
I have put down killed.
Me, I have failed it; my gun have miss fixe.
I see a hind.
Let leave to pass away, don't disturte it.
I have heard that it is plenty partriges this year.
Have you killed also some thrushes.
Here certainly a very good hunting.

The fishing.

That pond it seems me many multiplied of fishes. Let us amuse rather to the fishing.
I do like it too much.
Here, there is a wand and some hooks.
Silence! there is a superb perch! Give me quick the rod. Ah! there is, it is a lamprey.
You mistake you, it is a frog! dip again it in the water.

With a furniture tradesman.

It seems no me new.
Pardon me, it comes workman's hands.
Which hightness want you its?
I want almost four feet six thumbs wide's, over seven of long.

For embarking one's self.

Don't you fear the privateers!
I jest of them; my vessel is armed in man of war, I have a vigilant and courageous equipage, and the ammunitions don't want me its.
Never have you not done wreck?
That it is arrived me twice.

With a gardener.

Shall I eat some plums soon?
It is not the season yet; but here is some peaches what does ripen at the eye sight.
It delay me to eat some wal nuts-kernals; take care not leave to pass the season.
Be tranquil, I shall throw you any nuts during the shell is green yet.
The artichoks grow its?
I have a particular care of its, because I know you like the bottoms.
It must to cut the trees.
It should pull the bad grasses up.

The books and of the reading.

Do you like the reading good deal too many which seem me?
That is to me a amusement.

The field.

All the fields that you see thither were been neglected; it must I shall grub up and to plough its.
The ground seems me a little scour with sand and yet it may one make it bring up; I want be fumed time by time.

The writing.

Your pens have any notches, and its spit.
How do you like its? will you its are fine or broad?
I won't me also a wafer or some sealing wax and a seal.
In this drawer, there is all that, fading stick, rule, scraper, saud, etc.
There is the postman I go to put it him again.

With a bookseller.

What is there in new's litterature?
Little or almost nothing, it not appears any thing of note.
And yet one imprint many deal.
But why, you and another book seller, you does not to imprint some good wooks?
There is a reason for that, it is that you cannot to sell its. The actual-liking of the public is depraved they does not read who for to amuse one's self ant but to instruct one's.
But the letter's men who cultivate the arts and the sciences they can't to pass without the books.
A little learneds are happies enough for to may to satisfy their fancies on the literature.
I have only been able to procure the octo-decimo edition, which is embellished with plates beautifully coloured.

With a dentist.

I have the teetht-ache.
Is it a fluxion, or have you a bad tooth?
I think that is a bad tooth; please you to examine my mouth?
You have a bad tooth; will you pull out this tooth?
I can't to decide me it, that make me many great deal pain.
Your tooth is absolutely roted; if you leave it; shall spoil the others.
In such case draw it.
I shall you neat also your mouth, and you could care entertain it clean, for to preserve the mamel of the teeth; I could give you a opiate for to strengthen the gums.
I thank you; I prefer the only means, which is to rinse the mouth with some water, or a little brandy.

With a laundress.

Who lhat be too washed, too many soaped, and the shirts put through the buck.
You may be sure; never I do else.

For to swim.

I row upon the belly on the back and between two waters.
I am not so dexte rous that you.
Nothing is more easy than to swim; it do not what don't to be afraid of.

The french language.

Do you study?
Yes, sir, I attempts to translate of french by portuguese.
Do you know already the principal grammars rules?
I am appleed my self at to learn its by heart.
Do speak french alwais?
Some times; though I flay it yet.
You jest, you does express you self very well.


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