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For to wish the good morning.

How does your father do?
He is very well.
I am very delight of it. Were is it?
I shall come back soon, I was no came that to know how you are.

For make a visit in the morning.

Is your master at home?
Yes, sir.
Is it up.
No, sir, he sleep yet.
I go make that he get up.
It come in one's? How is it, you are in bed yet?
Yesterday at evening, I was to bed so late that I may not rising me soon that morning.
Well! what you have done after the supper?
We have sung, danced, laugh and played.
What game?
To the picket.
Whom I am sorry do not have know it!
Who have prevailed upon?
I had gained ten lewis.
Till at what o'clock its had play one?
Un till two o'clock after mid night.
At what o'clock are you go to bed.
Half pass three.
I am no astonished if you get up so late.
What o'clock is it?
What o'clock you think it is?
I think is not yet eight o'clock.
How is that, eight o'clcok! it is ten 'clock struck.
It must then what I rise me quickly.
Adieu, my deer, I leave you. If can to see you at six clock to the hotel from ***, we swill dine togetter.
Willingly. Good by.

For to dress him self.

John, make haste, lighted the fire and dress-me.
Give me my shirt.
There is it sir.
Is it no hot, it is too cold yet.
If you like, I will hot it.
No, no, bring me my silk stocking's.
Its are make holes.
Make its a point, or make to mend them.
Comb me, take another comb. Give me my handkarchief.
There is a clean, sir.
What coat dress you to day?
Those that I had yesterday.
The tailor do owe to bring soon that of cloth.
Have you wexed my shoes?
I go wex its now.
It must that I may wash my hands, the mouth and my face.

The walk.

Will you and take a walk with me?
Wait for that the warm be out.
Go through that meadow. Who the country is beautiful! who the trees are thick!
Take the bloom's perfume.
It seems me that the corn does push alredy.
You hear the bird's gurgling?
Which pleasure! Which charm!
The field has by me a thousand charms.
Are you hunter? will you go to the hunting in one day this week?
Willingly; I have not a most pleasure in the world. There is some game on they cantons?
We have done a great walk.

The weather.

We shall have a fine weather to day.
There is some foggy.
I fear of the thunderbolt.
The sun rise on.
The sun lie down.
It is light moon's.

For to write.

It is to day courier's day's; I have a letter to write.
At which does you write?
Is not that? look one is that.
This letter is arrears.
It shall stay to the post. This pen are good for notting. During I finish that letter, do me the goodness to scal this packet; it is by my cousin.
How is the day of the month?
The two, the three, the four, etc.
That is some letter to me.
Go to bear they letter to the post.

The gaming.

Do you like the gaming?
At what pack will you that we does play?
To the cards.
Waiter, give us a card's game.
What is the trump?
The club's king.
Play, if you please.
The heart's aces.
We do ought.
This time I have a great deal pack.

With the tailor.

Can you do me a coat?
What cloth will you do to?
From a stuff what be of season.
Six ells.
What will you to double the coat?
From something of duration. I believe to you that.
When do you bring me my coat?
The rather that be possible.
Bring you the coat?
Yes, sir, there is it.
You have me done to expect too.
I did can't to come rather.
It don't are finished?
The lining war not sewd.
It is so that do one's now.
Button me.
It pinches me too much upon stomack.
The sleeves have not them great deal wideness?
No, sir, they are well.

With a hair dresser.

Your razors, are them well?
Yes, Sir.
Comb-me quickly; don't put me so much pomatum. What news tell me? all hairs dresser are newsmonger.
Sir, I have no heared any thing.

For to breakfast.

John bring us some thing for to breakfast.
Yes, Sir; there is some sousages. Will you than I bring the ham?
Yes, bring-him, we will cut a streak put a nappe clothe on this table.
I you do not eat?
How you like the tea.
It is excellent.
Still a not her cup.

For to ask some news.

It is true what is told of master M***?
Then what is told of him?
I have heard that he is hurt mortally.
I shall be sowow of it, because he is an honestman.
Which have wounden him?
The noise run that is by to have given a box on the ear to a of them.


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