The English is a sweet Hypermodern chess opening that focuses on rapid development at the cost of allowing your opponent to build a strong pawn center. The idea, behind this and other hypermodern openings, is that after your opponent has finished taking control of the center your development allows you to pick off the pieces and take control. The Four Knights variation is a strong stable way of going about the opening. Chess Notation
1. c4   e5
2. Nc3  Nf6 
3. Nf3  Nc6
Black and white both focus on sound development. On Blacks third move it's pretty tempting to push the e pawn forward and attack whites knight.

Why on the third move you take your knight out instead of pushing the e pawn forward

1. c4   e5
2. Nc3  Nf6 
3. Nf3  e4
4. Ng5  Qe7
5. Qc2  (and black loses the pawn and is behind in development)
Chess Openings
ECO chess codes A2

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