Duvel "Top Fermented Speciale Ale" is a Belgian ale, produced by the brewery of Duvel Moortgat N.V., B2870 Puurs, Belgium, established in 1871. Alcohol content is a heady 8.5%. I found the drinking experience of this ale to be above average, due to the presentation as much as the quality of the beverage.

I purchased a 750ml bottle of Duvel at the upscale Kroger grocery store in College Station, TX. It has one of those nifty wire-twisted corked tops that only European specialty beers seem to feature, and the cork itself has a beautiful drawing of the hops plant in flower. When removed by hand, it produces a loud "POP!".

My impressions of the beer itself: bubbly, caramel, malty, light but strong. Its bottle-conditioning may be partially responsible for the sweet overtones. Overall, this Duvel ale comes across as a champagne/cider-inspired brew. Well recommended to anyone who enjoys a variety of beers!

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