A wheat ale from a tiny brewery in the Ardennes

The tiny brewery La Caracole in the even tinier village of Falmignoul in the Ardennes, a wild mountainous area of Belgium, is situated in a house most Americans would probably not even consider big enough for their garage.

One of their beers, Troublette, is a mildly yeasty and delightfully fresh wheat ale that comes in a 0.3 L bottle that has on it's label a cute little snail on a lilypad, looking curiously down into the pond.

With an alcohol content of 5.0%, it is best enjoyed chilled on a hot summers day. It tastes magnificent: Like a Hoegaarden, but with more zest and more fruit than your mass produced beer, it doesn't get much better than this. Definitely worth the trip to Belgium, and the ensuing hangover.

Brasserie La Caracole
Côte Marie-Thérèse 86
Falmignoul, 5500

phone: +32 (0)82 74 40 80

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