A strong pale ale from the Ardennes

On my recent trip to Belgium I knew I had to perform my duties as a noder for Gorgonzola and add as many beers to his brillant node as I could possibly tolerate to taste, so on one sunny day I tried out the pale ale of the local village brewery.

Arriving nicely chilled in a 0.3 litre bottle with an extremely cute little bug holding a saxophone(which was invented by Adolphe Sax just around the corner in Dinant) on the label, this looked very appetising from the onset. It poured in a light browny colour, developing a beautiful white head and was as delicious to taste as to look at: With an alcohol content of 8%, it packs quite a punch and delivers a beautiful malty, hoppy aroma which sparkles with fruit and has an underlying sweetness that will make it quite attractive for non beerdrinkers as well.

Another reason to go to Belgium, and if it's just to get drunk...

Brasserie La Caracole
Côte Marie-Thérèse 86
Falmignoul, 5500
phone: +32 (0)82 74 40 80

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