"Le vrai bon gout de chez nous!"

The Boulangerie F. Kempinaire is a small bakery cum cafe in Hastiere par dela, a tiny hamlet in Wallonia, next to the river Meuse (or Maas, depending wherem you hail from). It is located conveniently on the banks of the river and has a pleasant beer garden surrounded by tall trees which give you that important shade that you need after a couple of drinks.

Service is swift, but you're always warned that your food might take some time, as there is no microwave to heat up any prefabricated foods, au contraire: Food is meticulously handcrafted and freshly produced, which even gives basic fare like a croque monsieur a completely new meaning. The baking is outstanding, and lovers of both savoury and sweet specialities are well looked after. There is an impressive range of Belgian beers (just about 40 of them), including the local favourites, Saxo and Troublette.

After devouring your food, you pay in the small bakery shop, where you'll have to be both blind and suffering from anosmia not to walk out with arms full of little cakes or chocolaty things, as the aroma and the presentation will just overwhelm you.

As it's not far away from Dinant, I'd advise you to save your appetite for a stopover for some Belgian food and beer (or two or twenty).


Boulangerie F. Kempinaire
Rue de Blaimont, 1
Hastiere par dela
Wallonia, Belgium

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