Two dreams:

I was taking a trip around the world in a motorboat with John Steinbeck. The boat was made from unpainted orange wood, and had an outboard motor. We set off from Salinas at lunchtime and got to Venice before tea. We walked through an allotment on a hillside outside the city. We found a manhole cover. John knocked it out of place with his foot. We climbed down to the restaurant below. The floor plan was an irregular trapezium with two right angles. The longest side was a long row of supermarket checkouts. There were three people that I know operating tills there. I know seven people who work in supermarkets. There was no overlap between these groups.

I was at a shopping mall where a cold desert ran into the sea. I was stranded, and got a lift home from a family I did not know. We were driving along an empty road. I wondered what would happen if we were to hit a motorcyclist. Then we hit a motorcyclist. For a moment all was still. Then I got out of the car and walked to the biker. I said “Dude, are you alright?” She said “Not so good.”. In the hospital room, there were two large boxes, each one a metre or so deep and wide. The one on the right was black and 2 metres high. The one on the left was grey and about 1.20 metres high. I pointed to the one on the left and said “What's this?”. My sister said “It's a fully functioning washroom.” “But it's so small!” I said. “Don't ask me, ask the Feds.” she said, pointing at the door. Two men in dark suits stood there.

I was watching a DVD in my parents' home.

I thought the opening credits were interesting. A green dragon flew slightly up and right, the camera zoomed in and out, and orbited the dragon. The background was pitch black, and the dragon was rather flatly colored (basically two tones of green), even when it was photorealistic. The dragon was a little bit plump, with its tail shorter than upper body, and back legs bigger than front legs. Similart to MtG 4th-ed Shivan Dragon. Far bigger wings, though. The music was very good (can't remember how it went), even when the speakers were not in their right positions. I even watched the intro twice because it was so well done.

I went to DVD menus. The font was something like a livelier version of the Jurassic Park font, ragged a bit so that it had some horror feel to it. The letters were green, with narrow yellow edges.

I picked the "Multiplayer" option (no such thing really in any movie, I guess?) and was transported to Neverwinter Nights world that looked surprisingly similar to the City of Arabel Persistent World. My character was a drow (Chaotic Neutral, actually), and since I appeared inside the city gates, all of the guards posted near the gate attacked me because I just happened to be a dark elf. I ran outside to see a small garden that was between the city gate and the gate that lead through the wall. Again, all guards attacked me. I ran outside the city gates, now having been attacked by 6 guards in total, two posted besides each entrance and exit to all areas.

I rested there, regaining my lost HP. I found out that the graphics were quite a lot better than in stock NWN (there were nice low waterfalls and some bushes, and sunlight glittered from the sky through tree branches - skies looked awesome). I noted that my Emote Wand had an option to set the location where I appear when connecting. I was thinking of the hollow tree outside the city gates, but decided not to set it there because that was probably a pretty popular place.

Suddenly my connection dropped, and I reconnected. I was again inside the walls at the same point as last time. I went into sneak mode, and the guards didn't notice me. Well, one guard always came to me, hit me twice with his sword, and walked back to his post, obviously either seeing me or not. I tried to walk away from this area using keyboard, but I couldn't, I kept walking against the edge of the area and got hit a few times by this idiot guard. Finally I got out.

The rest of my strange vision included setting up a way to get stuff from the town market without going inside the city. I explored the ways to enter the city unseen and seeing the underground marketeers. I even went to the city market and bought stuff pretty much unhindered because I explained I was on an important mission and I was a diplomat and some stuff like that. Or maybe it was a plan. I don't know. I woke up.

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