At some point after the first of three times my baby boy woke me up, I dreamed that I was in the bath tub dyeing (I orginally typed "dying") Easter eggs with him and some other kids. The bath water was murky with color, but the eggs didn’t come out as deeply or as thoroughly colored as I had hoped. (Now come to think of it, I read an Everything node yesterday, The right way to take a bath and there was some silliness in one w/u about Seinfeld. A brief excerpt: " thing to take into account is the questionable nature of your cleanliness after a bath. kramer from seinfeld summed up the conundrum quite eloquently: 'it's disgusting. i'm sitting there in a tepid pool of my own filth. all kinds of microscopic parasites and organisms having sex all around me.'" Damn Everything for sneaking into my dreams!)

Even as I was falling back to sleep I began to interpret the dream, guessing that the bath and the eggs had to be about rebirth, and the impartial, shallow coloring an indication of incompleteness.

Later, I think after the second time I went into my boy’s room to plug him with his binky, I dreamed about hills in Seattle. The dream hills weren’t terribly different from the actual hills here: Queen Anne, Phinney Ridge, Capitol Hill, etc. I was ranging all over them, looking at the houses, enjoying the feel of hiking. No real plot beyond that.

I’m supposing this relates to the first dream in that after moving back to Seattle from New York City nearly 4 months ago, I’m still not feeling like the transition—the re-move— is completely fulfilled. Something’s undone, within or without, or both. I’m not sure.

More to come?

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