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  • stretching a hole in plastic, looking through it at my nails

  • When the delegates (us) were coming back from the presentation, edebroux didn't even thank the aliens, just brushed past and hurried off to her room. I followed her and the tiny girl followed me - I scooped her up and warned her to be quiet. I didn't know what was going on. edebroux had stopped in the hall and I asked her why, in a whisper. She shushed me anyway. I went ahead and saw why - that Frank guy was back, waiting for her, in the opposite room, in love with her. I "accidentally" stumbled and flung a cup of water in his face. Pissed off, he went away.

  • Sitting on his left, his leg warm against mine. I took hold of his foot and it was warm too. We stared into a photo we both believed was real. A house on a hill. We could have jumped into it. I wondered whether I could put my arm around him, and decided I could.
  • I had a dream last night that Ryan was gone. It was like he had moved out and someone had moved in in his place, and that someone had gotten his job in his place. There was a slight emptiness to the apartment, a feeling that something (or someone) was definitely missing. It was kinda sad, and really weird. Especially because I haven't seen Ryan in a week or two. Just for clarity, I don't live with Ryan. He lives down the street. I didn't used to like him, but he started being nice to me (instead of mean) when he went out with Renee.

    Jennie (the redhead with the bubble butt) and I were on our way to the rave. It was being held in the basement of a high rise office building that was still under contruction. We slipped through the plastic tarps, stepping over girders and bags of concrete. Kim was there to meet us. We began our descent in the service elevator. Jennie placed her hands on my shoulders and kissed me deeply. I hope her husband doesn't find out about this.

    I was at this bar and had somehow conned my way back into the heart of this girl who I had a fling with the previous weekend, but didn't remember any of the details. I was there with a bunch of friends and we were all drinking. When I asked for my bar tab I had to look at it twice. The total was well over $1200. My friends threw a whole bunch of money, but not anywhere near the total at me and took off. We then proceeded to go back through the various receipts to account for how we had come to such an outrageous sum. As the bartender was going thourgh it he noticed the tab included 4 nights of bed and breakfast charges. Suddenly, he realized he had given me someone else's tab by mistake. So I had all this extra cash and all my friends had left so I kept it. While all this was going on, a movie crew was setting up to shoot a scene outside of the bar and it was full of celebrities although none of which I knew. Towards the end of the dream it didn't seem so much like they were shooting a movie outside, but that they were holding the Academy Awards inside the bar. I remember looking over and realizing I was drinking next to Kevin Spacey.

    The first event in my dream was my grandmothers funeral, which hasn't happened yet. Although my grandfathers funeral was a few months ago in real-life. I remember my dad walking strangely across a platform in the church for no apparent reason.

    The second event in my dreams was being chased by a T-Rex. Eventually someone came and shot it with a tranquilizer gun for me. Then i rode around in some kind of vehicle. All this took place in some really thick forest, which allowed me to run from the dinosaur and hide behind some really big trees. I was not afraid.

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