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  • stretching a hole in plastic, looking through it at my nails

  • When the delegates (us) were coming back from the presentation, edebroux didn't even thank the aliens, just brushed past and hurried off to her room. I followed her and the tiny girl followed me - I scooped her up and warned her to be quiet. I didn't know what was going on. edebroux had stopped in the hall and I asked her why, in a whisper. She shushed me anyway. I went ahead and saw why - that Frank guy was back, waiting for her, in the opposite room, in love with her. I "accidentally" stumbled and flung a cup of water in his face. Pissed off, he went away.

  • Sitting on his left, his leg warm against mine. I took hold of his foot and it was warm too. We stared into a photo we both believed was real. A house on a hill. We could have jumped into it. I wondered whether I could put my arm around him, and decided I could.