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I get more done before 2am than most people get done all day.
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Airwick is an alumni of CSH (Computer Science House) at the
Rochester Institute of Technology and now works at IBM's
Austin Research Lab as a Systems Programming Researcher.
I used to work at Lucent's Bell Labs on both the
Inferno Operating System, and the PathStar Access
project which was developed by the same researchers who
came up with Unix, Plan 9, and Inferno. I live in Austin,
Pictures of my travels, life, and job are available on my
Home Page: I enjoy
everything, slashdot, the onion, ranting, raving, and all
forms of expression. I also enjoy travel a great deal and am
a member of Team Fiasco. Other past-times include
non-sequitor conversations with friends, observing,
writing, and thinking.