I was at this bar and had somehow conned my way back into the heart of this girl who I had a fling with the previous weekend, but didn't remember any of the details. I was there with a bunch of friends and we were all drinking. When I asked for my bar tab I had to look at it twice. The total was well over $1200. My friends threw a whole bunch of money, but not anywhere near the total at me and took off. We then proceeded to go back through the various receipts to account for how we had come to such an outrageous sum. As the bartender was going thourgh it he noticed the tab included 4 nights of bed and breakfast charges. Suddenly, he realized he had given me someone else's tab by mistake. So I had all this extra cash and all my friends had left so I kept it. While all this was going on, a movie crew was setting up to shoot a scene outside of the bar and it was full of celebrities although none of which I knew. Towards the end of the dream it didn't seem so much like they were shooting a movie outside, but that they were holding the Academy Awards inside the bar. I remember looking over and realizing I was drinking next to Kevin Spacey.