So, let's see if we can get a truly comprehensive list of all the computers that count as characters from Sci-fi. I hold a robot to be different from a computer, because it's mobile; although they count as characters, their mobility anthropomorphizes them. Therefore, the fact that they are full characters isn't as interesting. So here's what I came up with off the top of my head. I'm mostly thinking of movies and TV; books are cool too!

Computer or A.I. characters in Sci-fi

This list is deliberately sparse...add on!

Thanks to General_Wesc, Starrynight and Magenta for corrections!
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The minds that populate Iain Banks's Culture universe are, in my opinion, examples of some of the better "computer's as characters" in Sci-Fi.

While the majority of the Minds are ensconced within spaceships, I don't think that The Custodian would consider them robots (vis a vis, his W/U at the top of this node),as their anthropomorphism is generally neglible, so their inclusion in this list is a must.

The Banks novel "Excession" features Minds in much more prominent/active roles than his other Culture novels and features some of the more interesting and expressive minds in his universe.

In addition to being quite entertaining characters, the Minds, hands down, have the best names for computer character in Sci-Fi.

  • ROU Killing Time
  • ROU Frank Exchange of Views
  • GSV Quietly Confident/Sleeper Service
  • GSV Anticipation of a New Lover's Arrival
  • GCU Fate Amenable to Change
  • GSV Zero Gravitas
  • GSV Wisdom Like Silence

For a wonderfully done compilation of Mind characters, please check out Culture Ship Names.

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