Melchior is one of the Three Wise Men in the Bible. The other two are Gaspar (also Casper) and Balthazar (also Balthasar and Belthasar). The name is found in the Squaresoft Game Chrono Trigger and the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. In Chrono Trigger, Melchior is the guru of Life and in Evangelion, Melchior is one of the magi -- part of NERV's supercomputer.

Melchior was one of the three magi ("wise men" - most likely meaning priests) who brought gifts to anoint Jesus Christ upon his birth. The wise men only appear in the book of Matthew and are not named or even numbered. Later Christian tradition fleshed out their identities and made them kings. Melchior, whose name means "king of light", became king of Persia. The Venerable Bede claimed he was the son of Ham, one of Noah’s sons

Melchoir brought gold, the gift for a king in Jewish tradition.

Melchior appears in the console RPG Chrono Trigger as a pacifistic master weaponsmith. Despite the apparent contradiction inherent in this, it is an archetype in Japanese culture. Similarly illustrated by the phrase common in Usagi Yojimbo, "The best blade is the one that is never used", or by the sword sequence in Kill Bill.

Melchior can often be heard complaining about the violence in the world, and then weaseling through his contradiction in order to sell the party weaponry. The message that this sends to the player is questionable: don't fight, unless it's for the best. Sounds good, but when would that ever actually stop anyone from fighting? Seems more likely to subvert the converted.

I suppose there have been worse things, such as the Comics Code Authority. Now there's a backfire.

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