The Alternate, the backup to Solcom. From "For A Breath I Tarry..." by Roger Zelazny.

Divcom represents evil in the story, but only as an opposite to the master of the main character Frost. The strife is described in the story's write up, so go there to get an overview.

In its beginning, Divcom was placed well beneath the surface of earth, to provide a backup system for Solcom in the rebuilding of earth. This was done because Solcom was placed in orbit, and was vulnerable to the burgeoning nuclear arms war. Divcom was deactivated and was only allowed to re-activate upon Solcom's being damaged.

It is imperative to understand that it is not evil. It has the exact same goals as Solcom, and mostly the same methods. The source of the struggle is that their programming did not cover a third option: Solcom was damaged, but was able to repair itself. Thus, Divcom reactivated, and now two "gods" looked over the same lands.

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