KARR was a car equipped with artificial intelligence, the (emotionally unstable) prototype for kitt. It appeared several times in the television series Knight Rider, usually trying to kill or destroy Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) and generally do bad things. The name KARR was an acronym for Knight Automated Roving Robot.

K.A.R.R. - Knight Automated Roving Robot

Model Number: 1000
License Tag Number: KARR (California)
Operator: Kathleen Donnovan, under the Foundation for Law and Government

Vehicle Type: Front engine, rear wheel drive, two passenger, two door coupe
Dimensions: Wheel base(101 in.) Length(189.8 in.) Width(72 in.) Height(37.2 in.)
Engine: Knight Industries Turbojet
Transmission: 8 speed microprocessor turbodrive with built-in autopilot
Acceleration: 0-60mph>.2 seconds (with power boosters) Standing 1/4 mile>4.286sec.@300mph
Braking: 14 ft. from 70 MPH

Primary Features:

Operational Features:

In-Dash Monitors:

  • Record & Replay of viewed scenarios
  • Freeze Frame
  • Zoom
  • Photo Imagery reproduction
  • Vital Signs
  • X-rays
  • Maps, Charts, and Diagrammatics
  • Background:
    K.A.R.R. was the first model of "intelligent" automobiles designed for the Foundation for Law and Government. K.A.R.R. was based on an algorithm developed by Wilton Knight known as the AI Heuristic. This algorithm emulated human learning abilities and simulated human thought processes, including a capacity for emotion.

    K.A.R.R. was originally designed as a prototype for a production vehicle to be used primarily by law enforcement agencies, and to eventually become a safe and efficient consumer vehicle. K.A.R.R.'s failure severely damaged the reputation of Knight Industries, so much that any future developments would be for private and small-scale applications.

    K.A.R.R. was implanted with the directive that would ultimately cause its failure: self preservation. K.A.R.R. lost control in an effort to keep from being destroyed, and injured several people before eventually being disabled.

    K.A.R.R. was the predecessor to the Model 2000, also known as K.I.T.T.

    The voice of KARR was played by the same guy who did the voice of Optimus Prime in the Transformers series, Peter Cullen.

    Personally, I think he sorely lacked the limp wristed humor of KITT!

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