A character in the movie TRON. The MCP is a modified chess program written by Ed Dillinger to aid in the management and expansion of ENCOM. It is artificially intelligent, self-aware, and self-training. It is capable of assimilating other programs into itself in order to expand its own capabilities. At some point, it got out of Dillinger's control and decided to take over the world.
DILLINGER: Now wait a minute -- I wrote you!

MCP: I've gotten 2,415 times smarter since then.

In the real world, the MCP manifests as a voice speaking from terminals on the ENCOM network. It appears to be capable of controlling pretty much anything on the network, up to and including Walter Gibbs's experimental laser transport system.

In the virtual world, the MCP appears as a giant face in a column of light. Through Command Program Sark, it rules as a tyrant over the other AI programs in the system.

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