Carl is a male name that means man. It exists in many forms all over the world, such as Charles and Carlos. Charlie is a common nickname variation.

These are a few of the Carls in the world:

Carl Brutananadilewski (universally referred to as simply "Carl") is the Aqua Teens' next-door neighbor on the Williams Street/Cartoon Network show Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

According to his driver's license, he was born February 19, 1961. He is mostly bald, moustachioed, and seems to be of a short, portly stature. He is unfailingly dressed in blue sweatpants, a wifebeater, a fake gold medallion, and rubber thong sandals. Thick body hair creeps out of his shirt and covers his arms, chest, and back. He speaks in a thick and extremely stereotypical New Jersey accent, which is fitting as the show takes place in Union, New Jersey (according to the show's creators). Owing to the largely discontinuous style of the show's writers, Carl's driver's license, as seen in Remooned, states that he lives on Fairly Street in "South Jersey."

Carl seems to be very fond of hot rods, pornography and classic rock. He inadvertedly spends most of his time being tormented by the Aqua Teens, particularly Master Shake, who has a superiority complex and persecutes all indiscriminately. He has connections to a black market organ harvesting operation, and keeps his lawn meticulously mown. The Aqua Teens often sneak into his back yard to swim in his prized above-ground pool, and he almost always catches them. Yet, he never seems to do anything about it, possibly due to his all-talk, no-action demeanor, despite the seemingly unintentional abuse he endures from his neighbors.

The majority of earlier episodes of Aqua Teen usually feature him getting hurt, maimed or killed in one way or another. (Though in later episodes the violence was usually directed at Shake.) Usually his car is also severely crippled or destroyed. ("Did you get an estimate for that?" Shake inquires, after watching a giant robot stomp on it.) No matter what his fate, though, he always seems to respawn and appear unharmed in the next episode.

Perhaps most importantly, Carl is an idiot, like the rest of the characters on the show (except Frylock). He routinely schemes with Meatwad or Shake to get rich quick or to get girls to like him.

Some of the crazier things he's done or been subjected to include the following:

  • Received an email about a rainbow beam shining on the park that gives whoever stands under it a pot of gold, which he becomes excited about and eagerly investigates; this leads to his capture by leprechauns. (Episode 2, Escape From Leprechopolis)
  • Been encased in a silk pod (along with his house) and been impregnated by a giant moth/human hybrid. (Episode 3, Bus of the Undead)
  • Been drawn into an interdimensional portal and eventually returned with his hands enlarged by a magnitude of about one hundred (Episode 5, Balloonenstein)
  • Paid Shake and Meatwad to mow his lawn, which they did with gasoline and matches. (Episode 6, Space Conflict From Beyond Pluto)
  • Had his beloved car hotwired, stolen and subsequently crashed by a not entirely accurate replicant of Shake. (Episode 11, Bad Replicant)
  • Had his porn magazines and dresser stolen by Ignignokt and Err, after they encased him in a block of ice. (Episode 8, Revenge of the Mooninites)
  • Gets attacked by a giant spider while trying to bully it into giving him some candy. (Episode 9, MC Pee Pants)
  • Gets transported to the moon via a giant, slow-moving, Atari 2600-like laserblast, where he is spanked with moon rocks for being a nerd. (Episode 4, Mayhem of the Mooninites)
  • Apparently started losing his hair when he was a child. (Episode 18, Ghost of Christmas Past From The Future)
  • Tried to pay a prostitute for her services with a water cooler jug full of change. (Episode 22, Super Computer)
  • Shot his own foot off, which a doctor then mistakenly reattached... to the top of his head. (Episode 26, Super Squatter)
  • Was disintegrated up to the neck by an experimental toilet invented by Frylock. His head was then joined onto a number of different bodies, including that of a dead, elderly black man, a toy dump truck and a military robot. (Episode 30, Total Re-Carl)
  • Was shot and killed (exploded, actually) by a flaming arrow loosed by a real douchebag. (Episode 45, Gee Whiz)
  • Been repeatedly raped by genetically engineered dogs. (Episode 60, Handbanana)
  • Was haunted by the ghost of former New York Giants player Bart Oates, even though Bart Oates is still alive (and stalking Linda Hamilton). (Episode 65, Bart Oates)


Poignant quotes:

"So, eh, I put two and two together, and figured that you're pissin' me off!"

"Oh, sweet, sweet nectar. It's like my pool is tearin' ass all over the back yard! But it's stayin' still. Still waters run deep."

"No, the real point is, I don't give a damn."

"Look, I don't need instructions, to know how to rock!"

"Who wrote 'DA MOON RULZ #1' on my car, with a key?!"

"What the hell happened to my freakin' car?!" (oft repeated)

"Yeah, I got a deal at the dumpster -- ah, I mean, the warehouse."

"OHGOD!" (usually precedes physical pain or accompanies extreme surprise)

Very occasionally, Carl will not appear in an episode of ATHF. Thus far that's only happened twice, in Episode 12, Dumber Dolls, and Episode 32, Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary (in that episode, heavy metal guitarist Zakk Wylde takes his place as the brunt of the Aqua Teens' incompetence).

Carl is voiced by Dave Willis, who also provides the voice of Meatwad.

Carl Carlson was Homer Simpson's supervisor (or so was stated in one episode) at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant before Homer's promotion to Safety Inspector. He's Lenny's best friend, and the two are nearly always seen together. He holds a degree of some sort in nuclear physics. He also owns a nice red convertible, although we've never seen how he lives (Lenny lives in a hovel eating dog food).

Carl infamously made Homer, Barney and Lenny break down into tears in Moe's Tavern one evening by highlighting their flaws, and turned to the camera and said, "See, this is why I don't talk much".

In terms of rendering, Carl is very old school by Simpsons standards - very distorted, almost a caricature when compared to later characters.

Carl (?), n. [Icel, karl a male, a man; akin to AS. ceorl, OHG. charal, G. kerl fellow. See Churl.] [Written also carle.]


A rude, rustic man; a churl.

The miller was a stout carl. Chaucer.


Large stalks of hemp which bear the seed; -- called also carl hemp.

3. pl.

A kind of food. See citation, below.

Caring or carl are gray steeped in water and fried the next day in butter or fat. They are eaten on the second Sunday before Easter, formerly called Carl Sunday. Robinson's Whitby Glossary (1875).


© Webster 1913.

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