The mental condition (if I may borrow the phrase from the inferiority complex node) which causes someone to constantly feel superior to all others in every way. They are often self-righteous, aloof, perfectionists, and generally annoying bastards. Most ppl suffering from this disorder either feel as such about their intellect or their physique, but rarely both (watch out for the ones that do).

A while back, I wrote about a debillitating condition that seemed to have me in its grips. It got so bad that for days on end I was afraid to leave my house or to interact with anybody except my cat for fear of making a fool of myself. But here's the good news.

It seems that after about three or four month’s of intensive counseling, hours upon hours of psychotherapy and a steady supply of the medical equivalent of a Long Island Iced Tea, I’m finally able to shed the bonds of my age old nemesis and am now free to wander the planet with a renewed sense of self worth and a dignity heretofore which I thought impossible.

Yes, I’ve come full circle. It seems that I’ve now been diagnosed with a superiority complex in which I display many of the following tendencies. I’ve tried to illustrate these symptoms with some of the actual dialogue I’ve had with other users here over the last few months.

Arrogance and Cockiness Unnamed Users says: “Hey borgo, what do you think of XYZ’s latest w/u dealing with the matter of ABC?”

Borgo Says:”The hell with XYZ and his/her lame opinions. If I put even just half of my mind to it, I could do a much better job. As it is, I’m too busy trying to keep this place from going under as it is.

Overestimating one’s worth and abilities

Unnamed Users says: “Hey borgo, just a thought, what do I have to do become a content editor or maybe even an admin here?”

Borgo Says:”First of all, stop your goddam groveling and ass kissing tactics right now. It won’t do you any good. After reading my w/u’s, the editors and gods had to practically beg me to come on staff just so I could save them the embarrassment of having to post on the same website as I do.”

Unrealistically high expectations

Unnamed Users says:”Hey borgo, I’m new here and am trying to improve the reputation of my most recent w/u’s? Any suggestions?

Borgo Says:”Yeah, put in a nuke request. I took a look at them and for the most part couldn’t distinguish your work from that a kindergartner. Either get better quick or take it to Myspace or Livejournal or some other whiny ass place where you guys can hug each other and dry your tears.”

A tendency to discredit other’s opinions

Unnamed Users says:”Hey borgo, I was just thinking that maybe by adding certain features, we might be able to attract some new and talented users to the site. Let me know what you think?”

Borgo says:”Well, well, well, you think you’re Thomas Edison or something, you think that after all the years that I’ve been here I haven’t proposed those very same things and more? Do me, no scratch that, do us all a favor and keep your opinions and ideas locked away in that thing you call a brain and stick to submitting crappy w/u’s. We’ll let you know when we’re looking for ideas.”

Social aloofness, daydreaming, isolation

Unnamed Users says:”Hey borgo, I just wanted to pick your brain for some ideas I have about a w/u I wanted to do.” Let me know when it’s a good time to talk."

Borgo gazes at navel and thinks to himself "Fuck that, I haven’t got back to him yet and don’t know if I ever will."

For you bastards and sons of bitches out there who don't upvote this, just remember, I know who you are.

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