To be an anti-individualist is not an easy task when you have to explain to the ignorant that you're not a collectivist either. Very easily you will be classified as some sort of fascist or a stalinist communist hooraying for Khmer Rouge.

But if to be an individualist is to be selfish many of us don't want to be called that anymore. Furthermore, if you simply examine the behaviour of people you will be convinced that they don't act as individuals. Especially this is the case with consumerism and marketing.

The anti-individualist of this kind refuses to accept an idea that people are that different. To buy a yellowish toothpaste doesn't make an individual nor makes a personalized logo in your mobile you ordered from commercial web site. After all, we all have just toothpaste and mobiles.

Your radical ideas have already occurred to others. Isaac Newton himself said that he was able to invent what he invented only because he stood on the shoulders of giant. There are no geniuses.

And in this point people starts to blame an anti-individualist being --><-- that close of spading Jews into gas chambers and building up a totalitarian state that crushes all individual freedom.

But to observe these facts above doesn't mean you don't allow people buying toothpaste of their favorite colour, no matter how manipulated their ideas are. You recognize that a man is an gregarious animal living in society but only affect this has on you is that you'll have the feeling of intellectual superiority when you fight against marketing man and when you see other people falling into traps of false sense of being individual.

You can still be tolerant and you can still give fellow humans value they deserve. You can be loving and caring and recognizing the societal dimension of man only strenghtens your solidarity.

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