Dumber Dolls is the title of the fourth episode from the second season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, although it was the first of the second season episodes to be aired. This is perhaps the funniest 12 minutes of television that I have ever watched. One interesting fact about this episode: it is one of only two episodes not to feature Carl, the Aqua Teens' fat, hairy, balding, sweat-pants-wearing neighbor. Nonetheless, it still manages to be hilarious.

As the episode opens, we see a cardboard tube and an apple with faces drawn on them, which are Meatwad's dolls, Dewey and Vanessa, respectively. They are apparently landing on grass planet to meet with the grassenoid confederation. But, they don't get that far, because Master Shake takes the lawnmower to them, killing "our brave astronauts."

Thus, Meatwad is in need of a new doll, so Frylock takes him to the mall. The doll that Meatwad wants is a Jiggle Billy, a $149.99 doll that comes with moonshine and nightvision goggles. Frylock doesn't like the price, so they end up buying "Happy Time Harry," for $2.99.

Happy Time Harry turns out to be excessively depressed. He drinks too much, needs a dialysis machine, needs pills, pays bills, wears only red shoes boxers and a wifebeater, and has a knife where one of his hands should be. He has the uncanny ability to depress everyone around him, with hilarious consequences.

I'll stop with the episode description here, but trust me when I say that I have left out almost all of the best parts of this episode. If you don't watch any other episode of the show, then you should watch this one.

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