Akane Tendou (Age 16) is the youngest of three daughters to Soun Tendou and fiance to Ranma Saotome in the manga/anime series Ranma ½. Her two older sisters are Nabiki Tendou (Age 17) and Kasumi Tendou (Age 19). Akane is the aggressive tomboy of the family and martial artist of the three sisters.

Akane is the cutest girl at Furinkan High School whom all of the boys want to date. She was forced to make her own rules regarding boys after Upperclassman Kunou challenged the boys at the school during a speech contest "If you wish to take Akane out, you must defeat her in combat! I, Tatewaki Kunou, will permit no other terms. NOW, AM I MAKING MYSELF ABSOLUTELY CLEAR!?". As a result of this speech, every single morning on the way to school, she plows through the cadre of warriors-in-love who stand in her way to get to school on time with a flurry of punches and kicks.

Although her engagement to Ranma had been arranged by their parents (with a little help from Kasumi and Nabiki, the two really can't stand to be around each other for any length of time and will frequently tease and get on each other's nerves. Like Akane calling Ranma a pervert and Ranma calling Akane an 'uncute tomboy'. However, they can and do work together and watch each other's backs when outsiders like Shampoo, Kodachi or Ukyo encroach on their interesting yet bizzare relationship.

Japanese seiyuu by Noriko Hidaka
English voice-acting by Myriam Sirois

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