A character in Ranma 1/2. One of Ranma's fiancees. Genma Saotome made a deal with Ukkyou's father when she and Ranma were six years old that the she and Ranma would get married. In return, Genma received Ukkyou's father's yataii (Okonomoyaki cart). This deal was made after the deal with Soun Tendo to unite the Tendo and Saotome families. A few days later Genma took Ranma away and abandoned Ukkyou. At the time, Ranma didn't know about the engagement or that Ukkyou was female. Ukkyou renounced her femininity and studied Okonomoyaki-style martial arts in a quest for revenge, cooking Okonomoyaki by the raging sea. Eventually, she caught up with Genma and Ranma in Nerima, and started courting Ranma when he called her cute.

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