One of the many subtle touches that Rumiko Takahashi wrote into Ranma 1\2 is how different characters fighting styles reveal their personalities.

And no where is this more evident in the first episode of both the manga and the anime, where Ranma and Akane fight for the first time. Ranma sits silently with hand behind his back, while Akane gets into a forward stance with a high chamber, and tries to hit Ranma with a full twisting punch. Ranma silently dodges out of the way as Akane tries to throw one power technique after another. Ranma finally ends the match by jumping over Akane's head and lightly tapping her on the head.

The irony of this is that it demonstrates more of the character's personalities then they wish to show with words. Ranma, despite his reputation for being a loud, boistorous insensitive male, actually fights in a very flexible, non-confrontational manner. Akane, on the other hand, despite the fact that she acts like a wronged woman who is sensitive to being insulted, digs her feet into the ground, and tries to overpower and muscle her opponent as much as possible. In other words, Ranma fights in a very Yin style and Akane in a very Yang style.

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