Kasumi Tendou (Age 19) is the eldest daughter of Soun Tendou, sister of Nabiki Tendou (Age 17) and Akane Tendou (Age 16) in the manga/anime Ranma ½.

Kasumi is the cook and playing the role of the Japanese homemaker. She has a kind, sweet, and yet somewhat naÏve personality. She is always cheerful in spite of all the madness that happens around her. Her most oft-used line is "Oh, my! I guess I had better call the repairman" after the house gets trashed by Ranma and Genma's daily duels or other troublemaking houseguests like Happosai, Shampoo, Ryoga, etc.; She takes it all in stride.

Kasumi has quite the influence on the local physician, Dr. Tofu, who has a huge crush on Kasumi. Strange things happen whenever she pays him a visit, calls him on the phone, sends him noodles or soup. Dr. Tofu becomes blinded (literally) by her attention and he begins gibbering really nervously, and making a general fool out of himself (at which time NO patient wants to be around him for their own safety). He has been known to start waltzing around town with his skeleton, Betty, singing while in this state.

Japanese seiyuu by Inouye Kikuko.
English voice talent by Willow Johnson.

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