Flower of Scotland
O, Flower of Scotland,
When will we see your like again,
That fought and died for,
Your wee bit hill and glen

Scotland is a land well-known for its picturesque islands, hills, and lochs, and its historic castles and battlefields. From the Western Isles to the eastern cities of Dundee, Aberdeen and Edinburgh, from the Scottish Borders to the Highlands in the north, there is something here for every visitor.

Scotland is a place that has many appeals to those who enjoy the outdoors. Whether hillwalking or skiing in the Cairngorms, windsurfing or sailing in the seas and lochs, or simply enjoying a gentle walk among the hills amidst beautiful scenery, tastes of all kinds can be satisfied here.

And for those who enjoy history, Scotland is a veritable feast for the eyes. Castles are spread throughout the country, even in the centre of cities like Edinburgh or towns like Stirling. Battlefields like Bannockburn or Culloden depict Scotland's troubled past, and the windswept neolithic village of Skara Brae carries you back to the Stone Age.

Modern attractions like the Glasgow Science Centre, the Scottish Parliament, and modern shopping centres and sports facilities ensure that all family members are catered for. Scotland offers many alternatives to the traditional haggis and porridge, too, with many fine seafood restaurants, and a wide variety of international cuisine, including many Chinese, Indian, and Italian eating places.

Here is a brief summary of some of the possible highlights of a trip to Scotland:

Places of interest

Scottish geography

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