Scotland's fourth largest city, on the north banks of the river Tay. Traditionally associated with "the three Js" (jute, journalism and jam), it is now trying to re-invent itself as a high-tech industry location. Dundee's skyline is dominated by the Law which is an extinct volcano. The scots seem to like building cities near these geological structures.

Two universities, two football teams, and home to a type of cake.

Although Dundee, Scotland, is best-known for its ‘jam, jute and journalism’, the city has an interesting history in other areas, and also has major attractions that will appeal to visitors young and old.

Dundee’s link with jam stems from Janet Keiller’s 1797 recipe for marmalade made from Seville oranges. Her son James Keiller industrialised the process.

Dundee’s jute mills began to produce jute in the 1830s, initially to supplement linen production, although large numbers continued to be employed until they began to decline in the 1920s. The town now has a Museum of Dundee Textile Industries to commemorate the industry.

Journalism is still important in the city, as represented by DC Thomson & Co Ltd, producers of the Sunday Post, Dundee Courier and the childhood favourite, the Beano.

Dundee’s other history includes its importance as a major shipbuilding centre on the river Tay. Scott of the Antarctic had his ship the Discovery built here, and the ship can still be seen in a visitor centre on the waterfront, along with information about its voyages. In 1878, the Tay Rail Bridge collapsed while a train full of passengers crossed it. This led to William McGonagall’s (in)famous poem, The Tay Bridge Disaster, a classic case of horrible poetry.

Museums in the city include the McManus Galleries offering fine art and local and natural history displays, the 15th century Broughty Castle Museum, and Britain’s only full-time public observatory, the Mills Observatory. The city also has many parks, and a busy shopping centre. Camperdown Park offers the attractions of a wildlife centre, and the Sensation Science Centre has many interactive science exhibits.

Dundee's two major football teams are unsurprisingly called Dundee and Dundee United.

All in all, then, Dundee has a lot to offer the visitor, and of course, its Scottish residents!


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