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The University of Abertay Dundee was founded in 1888 as the Dundee Technical Institute. It was opened with the words:

"... through the foundation of this institute. . . the ladder of learning has been raised aloft in Dundee."
And for over a 100 years the institution has worked with the local community and industry to make sure that we help our students climb that ladder of learning so that they can make a significant contribution to the industries and commerce of the future.
In days gone by it was employers in such industries as heavy engineering and the jute spinning which benefited from our advanced education. Today employers in the fields of computer games and software engineering, high technology manufacturing and the knowledge industries, as well as the new service industries of health and leisure, which seek out our graduates to support their future development.
Not surprisingly therefore that the real education provided at the University of Abertay has resulted in graduates who have gone on to lead major British companies and be at the forefront of innovation and advancement.

Student Numbers
Total number of students : 4101
Total degree students : 3250
Total HND students : 91

Degree, HND
Percentage on sandwich courses : 70, 0
Percentage mature students : 0, 0
Percentage international students : 10, 2
Ratio male/female : 51/49, 66/34

Full-time/sandwich students by academic subject category
Degree, HND
Medicine, Dentistry, Vet Science : 0, 0
Subjects Allied to Medicine : 130, 0
Science : 370, 3
Engineering and Technology : 230, 0
Architecture, Building and Planning : 90, 0
Mathematical Sciences, IT & Computing : 670, 57
Business and Administrative Studies : 1030, 31
Social Economic,Political & Legal Studies : 980, 0
Humanities : 0, 0
Art & Design, Performing Arts : 0, 0
Education : 0, 0
Combined : 0, 0

Percentage of first years requiring accommodation who can be accommodated in institution managed accommodation: 100%
Estimated weekly cost of institution managed accommodation for 36 weeks :

  • (including no food): £36.77 - £53.37

Overseas opportunities (excluding compulsory language course placements)
Number of students on a placement or study period abroad : 35

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