Once upon a time... in a land not as far away as one would have liked...

Ladies, gentlemen, and others:
Thank you for selecting Fairyland visits for this tour. We are currently traveling down the path that once lead pilgrims to the Lady of the Lake

On your left you will see Camelot, home of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. If we're lucky, the Mists of Avalon will clear.

We are now passing the Elf Hill on our right. Home of the sidhe, throne room of Titania and Oberon, queen and king of the fairies. It is told that at times, the fairies will steal a child, and leave a changeling in its place. Mothers, hold on to your children.

Up ahead, you can see the base of Mount Olympus. Here the Greek gods lived. They are now rarely seen, except for the occasional muse. The clearing ahead was part of the Temple of Zeus, where the original Olympics were held.

Dwarven ruins are off to the left. You can still see the foundry where the smiths... Yes? You have a question? Umm, no, they are not The Smiths. The prefered music of the dwarves are drinking songs. The roudier, the better. Returing to the weapon smiths, this is where they refined the mithril that they mined and made magic swords for heros.

If you look now, you can see a dragon flying out to the right. Dragons are not native to these parts, but frequently visit to hunt in the pastures. Their primary diet consists of cows and sheep... Just to verify, you all did check "Not a virgin" on the waiver form, correct?

Thank you once again for riding Fairyland visits. Please come again.

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