This node is intended to be a brief guide to the main events in Scottish history over the centuries. While it is impossible to include every event here, please /msg me with significant omissions.

7000 BC: Earliest known mesolithic campsite at Kinloch.
c3000 BC: Maes Howe is built in the Orkney Islands
3100 BC: Skara Brae is built in the Orkney Islands
4th c BC: The Celts reached the British Isles.
1st c AD: The Picts prevented the Romans from penetrating far into Scotland.
5th – 6th centuries: Christianity is introduced to Scotland from Ireland. Scotland is divided into four kingdoms: Dalriada, Strathclyde, Pictavia, and Gododdin.
9th century: Kenneth mac Alpin formed the first united kingdom of Scotland, becoming king of the Picts and Scots.
946: Malcolm I conquered Strathclyde.
1015: Malcolm II conquered Lothian.
1263: Scots defeated Norwegians at Largs.
1266: Norway ceded the Western Isles to Scotland.
1292: Edward I intervened in Scottish affairs and granted the Scottish throne to John Balliol.
1297: William Wallace led the Scots to victory over England at Stirling Bridge.
1314: Robert the Bruce defeated the English at Bannockburn.
1328: Treaty of Edinburgh. England recognised Scottish independence.
1371: Robert II became first Stewart king.
1513: James IV and thousands of Scots were killed at Flodden.
1540s – 1550s: Calvinism introduced to Scotland by John Knox.
1565: Mary, Queen of Scots married Lord Darnley, her cousin.
1566: Mary’s private secretary Riccio murdered by rebel lords.
1567: Lord Darnley murdered in Edinburgh.
1568: Mary fled to safety in England.
1578: James VI took over government from his regent, James Douglas.
1587: Mary was beheaded by the English.
1592: Presbyterianism became the established religion in Scotland.
1603: The Union of the Crowns: James VI of Scotland became James I of England.
1638: Scottish ‘Covenanters’ rebel against King Charles.
1643: The ‘Solemn League and Covenant’ promised Scots army to aid English parliamentarians against the king.
16511660: Cromwell conquered Scotland.
1679: Duke of Monmouth defeated covenanters at Bothwell Brig.
1689: Jacobite highlanders defeated army of William III at Killiecrankie, but were halted at Dunkeld.
1692: Glencoe massacre.
1707: The Union of the Parliaments: the Act of Union between England and Scotland was passed.
1715: First Jacobite rebellion.
1745: Second Jacobite rebellion.
18th and 19th centuries: Highland clearances: tenants evicted to make way for sheep.
19141918: World War I.
19391945: World War II.
1945: First Scottish Nationalist MP elected.
1979: Referendum on Scottish assembly failed to meet the required majority.
1997: A referendum on an independent Scottish parliament was passed by a massive majority.
1999: The Scottish parliament sat for the first time under the new constitutional arrangements.

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