A megalithic village in Orkney. It appears to have been occupied around 4000BC, but was buried in sand in a storm before written history. Another storm uncovered it last century, and it has since been fully excavated. The houses have stone walls and whalebone and reed and sealskin roofs. There are stone beds, fireplaces and shelves, and covered walkways between houses.

Vast number of tourists come here, so it is a good source of revenue for the islands. The tour will then take them on to Maes Howe, Tormiston Mill and sometimes The Gloup.

It lies in the Bay of Skaill on the west coast of Orkney, which incidentally is a great surfing spot - probably the best in the UK - 15 to 20 foot waves most days. Okay it can be pretty cold in the depths of winter, so when we go out for our Hogmanay surf, we usually use boogie-boards so we can stay in the water, which remains warm.

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