A small town on Scotland's West Coast, nestled on the southern side of the Firth of Clyde.

It is most notable as the home of: the ferries to Millport and the rest of the Isle of Cumbrae; the 'Inverclyde' Scottish national sports training centre, and of Nardini's ice cream factory, ice cream parlour and chip shop*.

Oh, and for various drunken high-jinks the Scotland team** have got up to during training camp stays - normally involving beer, a boat and a beach.

* One of the only chips shops in the known universe where you can get both a deep-fried haggis in batter, and a carry-out sea-trout with salad and chips.
** In Scotland adding which sport the team play at is superfluous - it's always going to be football***. There are specific times and places times when it might be referring to the national team for some other sport, but this will always be clear from the context - such as mooching around outside Murrayfield on a day when France are playing Scotland in the Six Nations tournament, when it's distinctly possible to be the Rugby team folk are talking about.
*** i.e. the oldest of the many football games with formal rules and organising bodies. The oldest international fixture of any of the many football games is the Scotland-England match****. Formally, footbal' is known as 'Association Football'.
****This fixture was suspended in the Eighties as feelings between the two sets of supporters were running rather too high for the authorities' liking.

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