A small town in the Highlands of Scotland which is a division of the United Kingdom. Kyle being the town, Lochalsh being the larger surrounding area of the mainland. All of which, is across a narrow body of water from the Isle of Skye.

From the 1600's until 1995 Kyle had ferry service to Skye. The ferry was then replaced with the Skye Bridge, the current main route to Skye, and one of Kyle's more prominent man-made features. Local residents are protesting the current toll for using this privately owned bridge.

Only eight miles outside of Kyle sits Eilean Donan the ruins of a pictish castle that dates back to the 14th century. Notably Eilean Donan is featured in Highlander (1986) and The World is not Enough (1999).

Aside from the bridge and castle, Kyle also has small sea port that supports local fishing and pleasure craft, some of which are available for wildlife cruises, tours, and fishing trips.

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