I am not crazy. I am merely avoiding everything. No, not this compendium of free time. I'm avoiding everything that needs to be taken care of.

I'm screening my calls, I'm not talking to my mom. Hey, you wouldn't want to talk to her either. She gives a ration of shit to anyone who is younger than her and therefore 'has no direction' in their lives. Please, I have better conversations with toilet paper, and that doesn't make me feel guilty for living. And no, I'm not telling her my BIG NEWS until I know I'm out of spoon-throwing distance. 22 and my mom still attempts to beat me up on occasion. Sad, really.

As for other things in my life, I'm thinking of moving. I think I need to move away fom the drama. Maybe closer to Tampa, and just keep my address to myself, or maybe I'll make plans to head out to Tempe early. Tampa, Tempe, Tempe, Tampa. Let's call the whole thing off. Baltimore? Eh, who knows. Certainly not me.

I love these moments before the storm, before I make yet another rash descision, the last moments when everything still makes sense. Talk about someone needing to freak out and just drive somewhere many states away.

So I guess you could say things are difficult. When aren't they? They just get progressively worse, as I dig my hole deeper and deeper. Not a problem. I'll pull out of it. I have family EVERYWHERE, especially now. I'll just have to decide where to go this time. But I feel the itch, and I have to scratch it before it burns.