My brother-in-law was driving on a well traveled highway when he saw a pick-up truck upside-down in a ditch. He passed it and kept going for a while but after 10 minutes it started nagging at him. He thought "There is a 1% chance that someone is still in there; I am going to give it a check".

About 5 years ago, his mother and brother were in a near fatal car crash. A 18-wheeler truck skidded over the medium and hit their car head-on. Both were in a hospital for a long time and his mother still only has partial use of her left arm.

He may have been thinking of them as he peered into the truck. There was blood everywhere and the man was ice-cold, begging for a blanket. As he was pulling this man out of the mess, someone careened into my brother-in-law's Corolla parked on the side of the road. Could it get any worse? Soon after, other cars pulled up, and helped the man. He is now in hospital and doing 'fine'.

Apparently the man had been sitting in his car for hours in this mess but my brother-in-law was the first one to stop. He is just a regular guy who looks out for people.

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